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Photonic Microscopy


Facility Access Registration

1- First time user must complete the training request form.

2- Non-IGBMC users must additionally complete and return the Icon “formulaire-demande-autorisations-externe.pdf” (823.2 KB) .

General Facility Rules

1- User must read and signed this charter in PPMS to gain access to the facility.

2- Autonomous access to a specific instrument will be granted after the appropriate training by a member of staff.

3- Usage of the facility instruments for imaging, data transfer, preheating of the environmental chamber, etc. must be booked via PPMS ( ).

4- The sample preparation space, cell culture incubators, cell culture hood must be booked via GRR ( ).

5- Editing/Cancelation of a session is possible up to 24h prior to the start of the booked session. At shorter notice please ask a member of staff for assistance to edit your booking(s).

6- The booked session(s) duration must match the real usage of the instrument, especially for time-lapse experiment. The facility staff may adjust the real usage time accordingly.

7- The facility staff core hours are 9:00-18:00, Monday to Friday. In the absence of the facility staff the keys for the instruments rooms must be requested at the IGBMC's security desk.

8- Neither installation of software nor modifications of existing software/hardware settings are allowed on the facility computers.

9 - Disassembling or modifications of any components of imaging systems even in the case of malfunctioning is forbidden.

10- Replacing objectives or filter cubes is forbidden. These interventions must be requested a day in advance at the latest and is subject to staff availability.

11- Changing the location of the lamps is forbidden.

12- Changing the temperature of the microscope rooms is forbidden.

13- Changing the temperature and gas parameters of the facility cell culture incubators is forbidden. 

Health and Safety

1- Both eating and drinking are strictly forbidden in the instruments, cell culture and sample preparation rooms.

2- Deactivating laser interlocks is forbidden.

3- Going behind the systems is forbidden.

4- Wearing gloves while using microscopes is forbidden.

5- Personal Protection Equipment must be worn in the sample preparation and the cell culture rooms


1- You can request assistance when booking your session in PPMS. Assistance will be confirmed by a member of staff. Last minute assistance request may not be accepted due to staff availability limitations.

Data handling

1- Connecting external devices to the microscope's computer is strictly forbidden.

2- Your data must not be stored on the microscope's computer. At the end of your session, transfer your data to your team storage solution.

3- The facility staff may erase data without notice.

4- The data should not be visualized or processed on the microscope's computer.


1- The objectives, sample mounting stages, benches and desks must be left clean. Any leftovers will be discarded without notice.

Turning the systems off

1- If not instructed otherwise, systems must be switched off by the last user of the day.

Reporting incidents

1- Incidents must be reported immediately to the facility staff (via PPMS in absence of the facility staff). Incidents are but not only: microscopes and computers malfunctions, breaking of coverslips, leakages of immersion oil or media etc.

Request handling

All requests are dealt in a chronological order, no priority access is granted. Delays may happen depending of the staff availability.

Electron Microscopy

Icon AccessPolicyEM (652.6 KB)


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