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The Imaging Center of the IGBMC (ICI) enables the scientific community to access the advanced multiscale bio-imaging. The ICI is open to the research groups of the IGBMC and beyond. It provides expertise in photonic and electronic microscopy, sample preparation and image analysis. The ICI develops new integrative bio-imaging approaches within a framework of industrial partnerships.    

The electron microscopy facility provides access to: both scanning and transmission electron microscopy along with associated techniques (chemical or cryo-fixation, resin embedding, freeze-substitution, (cryo)ultramicrotomy, electron tomography, Tokuyasu and immuno-labelling, correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), image interpretation and diagnostics). The facility staff is in charge of experimental procedures from fixation to data analysis. It provides the users with relevant trainings.


The photonic microscopy facility of the ICI provides access to:

  • brightfield and epifluorescent widefield microscopy and macroscopy, videomicroscopy.
  • confocal (point-scanning, multiphoton, multifocal) microscopy
  • light-sheet microscopy
  • microdissection
  • image processing software
  • cell culture and sample preparation spaces


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